Battery based on graphene will charge your smartphone in 5 minutes

Battery based on graphene will charge your smartphone in 5 minutes


Despite the fact that modern smartphones have become very functional and useful devices, they still have one drawback: the operating time of the battery. And if to create and introduce to the market a new type of high-capacity battery is difficult enough, why not invent a device that would be charged the existing battery for 5 minutes? That’s what made the developers of the American company Elecjet.

According to the publication Digital Trends, experts from Elecjet managed to create the world’s first portable USB-C battery that can charge smartphones, tablets and laptops in record time. The battery supports charging in the range of from 5 to 60 Watts. As shown by tests, using the new device is completely discharged iPhone X and iPhone 8 charge in 90 minutes and less whimsical iPhone 5, 6, 7 and SE require charging within 5 to 10 minutes. As stated by one of the staff Elecjet Wade Lam,

“A key feature of the project is battery based on graphene produced by our partner CellsX, which for 13 years specializiruetsya for the production of composite panels based on graphene. Graphene provides ultra-fast charging of your devices. The battery can fully charge your device while you’re drinking coffee, additionally, you have in your pocket will also be the outlet for the laptop.”

Delivery of the first graphene charges is scheduled for 2018. It is also worth noting that at the moment the company Elecjet is developing e-bikes City Delivery, range is 100 miles, and charging time do not exceed 20 minutes.