Battery electric truck Tesla will last for 300-500 miles

Battery electric truck Tesla will last for 300-500 miles


The head of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk promised to show a new electric truck with the autopilot in September of this year, so far, about a mysterious development almost nothing is known. Nevertheless, rumors concerning some of the technical features of trucks, continue to appear in the press.

The other day Scott Perry, head of the trucking company Ryder System, talked with the Tesla representatives. It was about a new truck. According to Perry, the reserve truck will be only 300-500 miles on a single battery charge. In addition, the bed in it, too, will not, so Tesla would be a good Semi in the transportation of goods over short distances to nearby cities or suburbs, for example.

On regional flights account for about a third of all freight transportation, including electric truck with not too powerful a battery can be advantageous and not too expensive purchase for any local courier service or transport company.

Tesla has not commented on these leaks of information, and stresses that the technical specifications of the truck will be released in the very near future.