Because of sanctions Apple banishes App Store “thousands of apps””

Because of sanctions Apple banishes App Store “thousands of apps””


Apple removes app

Apple removes App from the App store application created by Iranian developers, citing U.S. sanctions against Iran. This publication reports The New York Times. As you know, the official company in Iran, is not present — also because of the sanctions. However, the Iranians are “millions” iPhone, illegally imported from Dubai or Hong Kong, and the Iranian developers have managed to create “thousands” of apps for iOS and place them in the App Store, writes The New York Times. These applications are used by people of not only Iran but also other countries.

One of the Iranian apps that Apple removed, the service travel Snapp, similar to the American Uber. Quite popular in Iran, Snapp disappeared from the App Store yesterday. For the past several weeks have been removed various apps for ordering food, shopping, etc.

Developers of these applications, Apple sent a letter in which he explained that “in accordance with the provisions of US sanctions, the App Store may not contain, distribute or to deal with applications or developers related certain countries where the U.S. embargo”. Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr (Tom Neumayr) confirmed to The New York Times that such a message is indeed sent to the developers of the Iranian remote applications.

The reaction of the Iranians

The Iranian developers have responded to Apple actions vigorously. “We work so hard we have to fight, and now this. No one with an iPhone can no longer download any one popular app. Imagine that in the US you can’t download Uber to your phone,” he complained in an interview with The New York Times developed by Mahdi Taghizadeh (Mahdi Taghizadeh), Creator of the Iranian application for ordering food DelionFoods, remote Apple.

Iran is awash with Apple products, although officially the company nothing sells