Before election to Congress 100 days left

Before election to Congress 100 days left


До выборов в Конгресс осталось 100 дней

Republicans and Democrats agree on one thing – the main theme of this campaign is the President of the United States Donald trump

Before the November elections in the United States, the outcome of which will determine control of both houses of Congress, 100 days left. The polls give Democrats some advantage, and both parties agree that a key theme of the election will be President Donald trump.

At a recent meeting in Montana trump urged his supporters to take an active part in the elections to help Republican candidates in November.

“We will not retreat, we will not surrender and never capitulorum, he said. We will never give up the fight. We will go forward to victory.”

In opposition the Democrats are engaged in an intensive campaign at the grassroots level before the midterms. Senator Bernie Sanders is the presidential candidate in 2016, gathered his supporters in Kansas.

According to Sanders, the struggle for control of the House of representatives is extremely important.

“The outcome may literally depend on the elections in one or two districts. If you guys do that, as I know you can do it, there will be elections, which will hear not only throughout this country but throughout the world,” he said to his supporters.

Democrats need to get further about two dozen seats to regain the majority in the House of representatives, and only two places to get the majority in the Senate.

But it’s not just that the Democrats are full of energy. John Fortier of the bipartisan policy Center notes that history is on their side.

“Midterm elections are usually favorable to the opposition party, which is not in the White house – says the expert – and in this case we are talking about Donald trump, who is especially unpopular among Democrats. They are motivated, they don’t like it and they want to go to the polls”.

However, trump calls on his supporters to defy history and maintain its agenda in the voting day.

Both parties consider midterm elections as a referendum on the President, said analyst Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia.

“In our history was hardly a President who was so focused on elections and has so much importance for them,’ he says. – He Is The Sun. Everything else that revolves around the Sun is a planet or a moon.”

Given the low rating of trump and the previous history of the midterm elections, the Democrats must succeed, says Elaine Kamarck from the Brookings Institute.

“I think the question is whether a democratic wave or a democratic tsunami? she says. – Will the Democrats a majority in the House of representatives 5 seats or 30 seats? This, I think, now no one can say.”

But considering the devotee to the President, the electorate, the Republicans can show a better result than expected, says former campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski trump. He believes that Democrats will gain a few places.

“But if the election were held today, the Republicans could keep a majority in the House of representatives in one or two places,” he says.

The election in November will be elected by the House of representatives (435 seats) and about a third of the 100 seats in the Senate. The results of these elections will have a big impact for the next two years of the presidency of the trump.