Began selling Russian tiny home theater. Video

Began selling Russian tiny home theater. Video


Family mini-cinema made it to retail

The company “Multicube” (resident of it cluster of the SKOLKOVO Foundation) has announced the official start of retail sales of compact family of mini-cinema CINEMOOD in Russia.

Distribution network “Multicube” includes Children’s GUM (BOSCO), cum, “Vinny,” and a network of shops “Expedition”. In addition, the new product can also be purchased on Internet sites such as OZON, “Electronic gizmo” and Mad Robots.

Oleg Shevtsov, Director of sales of the company “Multicube”, said: “We appreciate the Russian market as very promising, we have big plans. Our product is well recognized, content strategy is chosen for Russia. Plans to increase presence in the regions from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok along with network players and local premium retailers”.

Compact mini-cinema CINEMOOD, made in the form of a cube, fits in the palm of your hand and works on the principle of tube projectors Soviet times. In contrast to the Soviet projectors, CINEMOOD does not need a special screen: the image CINEMOOD can be projected on any light, flat surface. In addition, the device supports a long list of popular multimedia formats with the possibility of transmission through the wireless network, and managing new product can be carried out using a mobile device.

Mini-cinema CINEMOOD