Began testing residential module of the Orion spacecraft

Began testing residential module of the Orion spacecraft


The company Lockheed Martin and NASA are developing manned spacecraft Orion since the middle of 2000-x years, and plan to complete by 2023. Until recently, experts have been busy working on other tasks, and now they gather the habitation module of the ship and begin to test its onboard systems.

Recently, for example, the HAB spacecraft has paved the wiring and applied power. Then ran the onboard computer, other hardware, and “drove” installed there software.

As a result of testing the experts came to the conclusion that everything works fine, so a few tests later, the engineers will start installing the remaining electronic components of the module housing. All they have to installed inside the 55 devices using the four fasteners.

The work will last two to three months, because after the installation of each on-Board system engineers will test the vehicle for serviceability, in case of any problems, you can, for example, to quickly identify non-working device and replace it with a new one.

It is expected that in the future Orion will be able not only to deliver cargo to the ISS and to fly to the moon. Future plans of the developers to extend much further — they plan the missions to Mars.