Berkeley held a mass rally opponents of right-wing

Berkeley held a mass rally opponents of right-wing


В Беркли прошла массовая акция противников ультраправых

Clashed with a small group of right-wing, police have arrested 13 people

Despite the cancellation of the planned actions of the far right in Berkeley, California, participants of counter-demonstration on Sunday filled the streets of the city.

Sunday was the second day of demonstrations in the Bay area of San Francisco. On Saturday a huge crowd of participants of counter-demonstration took to the streets in protest against another campaign right-wing, “Protest is Patriotic”, but he, too, was cancelled. The mayor of San Francisco ed Lee has declared victory over the group, which according to him, provoked the hatred.

Police in Berkeley have installed barriers around the Park where Sunday was supposed to be a rally of the far right.

Authorities also have installed metal barricades, where police officers were on duty. This morning police in riot gear stood at the entrance to the Park. Meanwhile, opposite them, across the road were crowded with dozens of people.

People miss the Park only after the inspection of the bags in search of prohibited items, including baseball bats and skateboards. People with dogs or those who have face was hidden by a scarf or bandana, is also not allowed.

A short confrontation occurred, when more than 100 leftist demonstrators surrounded and shouting began to attack a handful of right-wing demonstrators, among whom was the head of the organization, cancel their event on Saturday in San Francisco.

In one case, the journalist had covered a man who was beaten by a group of people. Police arrested at least 13 people.

Independent counter-demonstration occurred on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, despite the appeals of the leadership of the University not to carry out this action. Later, the crowd left the campus and went to the Park to reunite with the participants of counter-demonstration there.

Was taken precautions to prevent the violence that occurred at previous protests in Berkeley. In February protests against plans by a former editor of the News website Breitbart, Milo giannopoulos of the speech turned into a detriment for the campus of the University of California and neighboring buildings, which were estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then the performance of Annapolis was cancelled, but he promised to return to Berkeley in late September at the invitation of the conservative student newspaper.

In response to the violent protests in February, President Donald trump has promised to deprive the University of the Federal funding, if he will allow protesters to drown out speakers who hold other views. In response, the Deputy Governor of California Gavin Newsom said that Annapolis adheres to the unacceptable ideology of white supremacy, while in the public universities of the state of “hatred”.