Bills for gas and electricity will be published on the Internet

Bills for gas and electricity will be published on the Internet


The Minister told the President about the implementation of information technologies in the housing sector


Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolay Nikiforov reported to the President about creation of the state information system of housing and communal services on the basis of the Unified portal of public services. The President instructed to ensure proper public awareness of the new opportunities that will now allow you to track information about the provided housing services.

Citizens will be able to obtain information about the accounts for their companies services via the Internet, said the head of Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov during a meeting with the President.

The idea is that for each citizen for each household was guaranteed transparency of all information, which involves, actually, this household, that is, what services were provided, what were the tariffs, which were settlements, whether there are any debts, claims, and so forth, to all information from management companies, TSZH, different supply systems were collected in one place, — he told.

The Minister noted that using the portal of state services, and that 32 million people will receive information on the housing sector.

All management companies are connected, it is more than 14 thousand organizations. If you count from the source providing, condominiums, and even local authorities, which are responsible for the housing sector, then it is more than 60 thousand organizations, — said Nikolay Nikiforov. Now the finish line for the implementation of this law, so those who haven’t had time to connect, just need to pick up all the tails.

The Minister said that the system will be operational from January 1, 2017. Those organizations that do not make their data in the system will be fined.

The President drew attention to the need of informing the population about the new service.

— Only need to provide customers with these capabilities, which now include digital technologies, the President noted.

While the population is not informed, using the new system can be difficult, shared the concerns of the President leading expert on housing law and housing all-Russian public movement “For human rights” Viktor Fedoruk.

— Many people, special elderly, it is unlikely will use the system, — he told “Izvestia”.

— Nothing is for free. New costs associated with completing and providing data may lie on the shoulders of consumers. Or maybe the deterioration of the quality of services, — said the expert, adding that first you need to convey to the citizens of all the nuances associated with the new system.

Nikolai Nikiforov at the meeting also raised the issue of development of PJSC “Bank Mail”. The Minister considers the project to be successful and important from a social point of view, since many departments work in communities where the major banks there. Now the main task, according to him, to raise the salaries of employees of post offices.

— We are very concerned about the issue of higher wages in the mail. In 2012 it was 15 you. rubles; today, we will exceed 20 thousand rubles; in the following year the aim — 26 thousand rubles, consistently raise them, he said.