Bitcoin will survive the Apocalypse

Bitcoin will survive the Apocalypse


Supporters of cryptocurrencies believe that Bitcoin is not worse than gold — also reliable and in the future will be able to compete with precious metal in convenience. No one is going to carry a purse full of gold bullion, and a hacksaw, at the right time to saw off a piece of gold and to pay for coffee. Using Bitcoins you can do it without problems. But what if the world will completely disappear online? This problem is bitcoin isn’t scary — said the Director of research CoinDesk Nolan Bauerle — if that happens, bitcoin will cope with technology “old school”.

“All right! Bitcoin transaction without problems broadcast on shortwave radio and via satellite in space. Don’t worry, Bitcoin will survive the Apocalypse,” he assured Bourse in an interview with CNBC.

Test project for the transfer of bitcoin transactions without Internet, was launched in Finland in 2014 — then the payment could be performed for the radio. From outer space as information about the transaction can pass the satellite, working with the service Blockstream Satellite.

The idea of using cryptocurrency without the Internet is not new, so has been discussed for quite a long time, not only owners of Bitcoins, but analysts, bankers and economists.

But there are more serious problems — data storage. Baurle advises not to use cloud storage.

“First, if during the Apocalypse you lost Internet access to the cloud data will be blocked. Secondly, there is always a danger of hacking, so it’s best to keep everything on the hard drive,” — says Bauerle.

Just as, in his opinion, you can survive difficult times without a loss.

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