Blockbuster “catching pokemon” did not save the fiscal year of Nintendo

Blockbuster “catching pokemon” did not save the fiscal year of Nintendo


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Japanese company Nintendo has announced the reduction
sales and operating profit. According to Bloomberg, operating profit
the company in the current fiscal year ending in March 2016, will be 30
billion yen ($288 million), a decrease compared to the forecast figure of 45 billion
Ian. Revenue Nintendo
thus, there will be 470 billion yen instead of the planned 500 billion yen.

“Investors are looking for signs that the market entry
mobile gaming platforms will help Nintendo in payback, however, while the results
show a limited impact on the financial condition of the company, for example,
released in the summer blockbuster Pokemon Go”,
— journalists. According to analysts App Annie, in the first 90 days of sales Pokemon Go (Nintendo is
co-owner of the game) brought $600 million in revenues that became a precedent in the market
mobile games.


In July of this year, the release of popular game about pokemons
on smartphones has led to the fact that the shares of Japanese companies increased by more than 45%. According to experts, investors are still hoping for the game Super Mario Run —
the first game Nintendo
for iPhone,
which will be released in December this year. With regard to the presented company
last week, the console game of new generation, it is, according to experts
investors are not impressed.

The game pokemon does not help too indicators Nintendo