Blue Origin conducted a launch of a new modification of the rocket...

Blue Origin conducted a launch of a new modification of the rocket New Shepard


Private space company Blue Origin went back to launching rockets after almost a year break and successfully made the launch of the New Shepard, and then the successful landing of the crew capsule. Suborbital rocket was launched from company-owned pad in West Texas, the port reports The Verge, citing company representatives.

Almost all 2017 the company was not very active and rarely hit the media headlines, at least compared to previous years. In 2015, Blue Origin has become the first private company to have carried out a vertical landing of the rocket after its launch. After that in total were produced 5 runs, and they were all successful. Under the latter, held in October of 2016, contrary to even their own expectations, Blue Origin, too, all held at the highest level and gently put the waste in the first stage.

Today, the company has launched a new modification of the rocket New Shepard, which is already more similar to the final version of the rocket that will take tourists into space. For example, a new capsule for the future of the crew of the rocket now has portholes, while in previous versions you used the fake painted picture in the form of Windows.

Previously the CEO of Blue Origin, Bob Smith already talked about the fact that the company is focused on the implementation of the first commercial tourist launch by the beginning of 2019, but before that a private space company is going to spend a few manned test flights. According to the owner Blue Origin billionaire Jeff Bezos, these manned flights will take place next year, slightly later than previously planned.

Western media noted that while it is not clear how these runs are going to hold open or closed. Eventually, Blue Origin, is not very actively covered in all previous starts, marked on them except on Twitter, and after posting the video.

The successful launch of a new modification of missiles reported in “Twitter” the Jeff Bezos, who wrote:

“Rocket NewShepard with a new Crew capsule Capsule 2.0 successfully performed the first flight. The new capsule offers a Windows. On Board were a test doll. That was a great ride.”

… and soprovojdali video recording:

Rocket New Shepard will be used in travel runs to the boundary of outer space. The entire flight will take place within 11 minutes, within which to pay for the ticket will be able to enjoy the Earth and experience all the delights of weightless for about 3 minutes. After that the capsule will come down on parachutes, and the first stage of the rocket gently put on the special platform, and then to prepare for the new launch.