Blue Origin has tested the rocket engine, designed to replace the Russian...

Blue Origin has tested the rocket engine, designed to replace the Russian RD-180


The US is now heavily dependent on Russian RD-180 engines, used to launch rockets Atlas-5, and it worries the American government. In 2010, the private company Blue Origin decided to rectify the situation and decided to develop their own rocket engine, is able in the future to replace Russian. Now representatives of Blue Origin, reported that the engine passed successful tests.

In the course of the next firing test, the engine showed excellent results. Since the last test developers have managed to increase engine efficiency and reduce its cost. Now experts report that the engine BE-4 will cost 40 percent less than the Russian RD-180, however, he will be one of the most powerful American engines used in the rocket.

Developers were challenged to create an inexpensive and practical engine, simple in technical terms. When all the launch vehicles will be reusable, such engines can also use more than once — this point is also addressed in the development. In addition, the new engine uses liquid methane for storage that does not require huge tanks.

However, the real use of the BE-4 is still far. Representatives from NASA does not plan to abandon Russian engines until 2025.