Boeing and SpaceX will begin delivering astronauts to the ISS in 2019

Boeing and SpaceX will begin delivering astronauts to the ISS in 2019


Aerospace companies Boeing and SpaceX will start bringing astronauts to the ISS next year. Only from 2019 to 2024 it is planned to make at least six manned missions to the International space station, informs NASA in your blog.

According to the Us space Agency, the first private manned testing of the space Shuttle will begin in 2018. Both companies will conduct their own development testing on the space platforms in Florida. Kennedy space center and air force Base at Cape Canaveral will also be involved in the trials.

Priority is given to test the safety of space shuttles, so all this year, NASA experts and engineers at Boeing and SpaceX will devote to inspections of space systems and their compliance with international requirements. It is from the results of this test will determine whether development Boeing and SpaceX certificates for private manned launches.

In the Boeing until the end of this year plan to test the engines, parachutes, and key systems of the spacecraft. SpaceX is engaged in the construction of six ships Crew Dragon and leads the development of innovative space suit for astronauts. In addition, work is underway to Draco and SuperDraco engines.

Own development of NASA associated with manned flights to the ISS, moving too slowly, and their effectiveness remains in question, but the US government requires the Us space Agency as quickly as possible to implement at least one manned space program — it will allow to reduce expenses of the budget, but to refuse services of the Russian “Unions”, which are now delivered to the ISS by all the astronauts. The first demonstration of a manned flight to the ISS, SpaceX plans to make in the second quarter of 2018.