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Journalist Viktor Litovkin about the prospects for the complete prohibition of nuclear weapons major world powers

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In new York, the headquarters of the United Nations are intergovernmental negotiations of the representatives of 115 countries in the world. We are talking about the elaboration of a Convention on the prohibition and total elimination of nuclear weapons. The meeting had a tinge of scandal. The fact that the forum intended to save mankind from the terrible weapons of destruction and not representatives of any of the powers of the official nuclear club — Russia, USA, France, UK and China, as well as the so-called non-nuclear States — India, Pakistan, DPRK and Israel.

Moreover, there is no of representatives of Japan, the only country in the world, tragically experienced the devastating power of this weapon of mass destruction. The Secretary-General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan Acehide Suga said about the futility of such negotiations without the States possessing nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, the negotiations and the Convention for the prohibition of nuclear weapons, apparently, will be supported by the overwhelming majority of UN members.

Interestingly, a few days before the start of negotiations in new York in the United States, but in the capital — Washington, DC hosted a presentation of the joint book of the International Luxembourg forum on preventing nuclear catastrophe and the Foundation “Initiative on reducing the nuclear threat” (Nuclear Threat Initiative, USA) “Prevention of the crisis in nuclear arms control and catastrophic terrorism.”

Prominent world leaders and major scientists, including senators Sam Nunn, and Vladimir Lukin, former Ministers of defence of great Britain des brown and the United States William Perry, RAS academician Nikolay Laverov, doctor of Sciences Vyacheslav Kantor, Hans Blix, Vladimir Dvorkin and others, unlike the audience in the UN, has suggested a gradual and consistent way of ridding mankind of the threat of nuclear cataclysm through the cooperation of the leading States possessing such stockpiles, reducing them under strict control and preventing nuclear materials in the unpredictable hands of extremists and terrorists.

Nuclear and missile tests of North Korea, in violation of countless resolutions of the UN Security Council, disturbing and even annoying all of its neighbors, South Korea and Japan, but even Russia and China, serve the same purpose — to demonstrate that aggression against the existing regime of the DPRK may lead to such consequences that will long echo as Seoul and Tokyo, and located in those countries of U.S. forces.

The leader of the Northmen, Kim Jong-UN knows and remembers what happened to Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, who did not have nuclear weapons, what is happening today with Syria, which has it either, and he certainly did not want the recurrence of a similar fate.

But to put up with the nuclear ambitions of Pyongyang as well.

They can not only lead to big trouble, experts of the Luxembourg forum, but also to the destruction of the regime of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. The dismissive attitude of the DPRK to the Security Council resolutions of the UN may become a bad example for other “threshold” States and even to the introduction of nuclear materials into the hands of terrorists, to prevent what is absolutely impossible.

To prevent such a development, argued in Washington, is possible only in close coordination and cooperation of such countries as Russia, USA and China. But under the previous administration of the United States that did not work. President Barack Obama received the Nobel peace prize for a promise to deliver the world from the threat of nuclear catastrophe, and the members of his team did everything possible and impossible to destroy been a decades-long negotiation process between Washington and Moscow on the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms, which was interrupted after signing the Prague Treaty on strategic offensive arms.

They questioned the implementation of another major agreement between our countries for the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF) in 1987. The reason for all this is known — the deployment of US missile defenses in Romania and Poland, an unprecedented expansion of NATO to Russia’s borders, the establishment of our lines of potential aggression from U.S. heavy military equipment, declared against us sanctions and Washington organized by the unbridled anti-Russian information and propaganda Orgy in the American and Western media.

In these circumstances, any negotiations on mutual reduction and limitation of nuclear weapons, and cooperation to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and control of speech could not be. Today, experts believe that when the authorities in the United States came a new administration, there was little hope that our relationship can proceed in an equitable and pragmatic dialogue, is able to prevent negative developments on the Korean Peninsula and the middle East. Including to bring a new round of talks on further reductions on strategic offensive arms limitation and not only them. At least this possibility has recently called Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, speaking to students of the Military Academy of the General staff. However, he added this phrase: if they removed the obstacles for this.

What are the barriers that the Minister did not decipher. I think they are clear without it.

As for the adoption of a Convention on the complete prohibition of nuclear weapons, it apparently will not be for any of the nuclear States a guide to action. About the same story happened with the Convention on the prohibition of anti-personnel mines and the Convention on the prohibition of the use of indiscriminate weapons in cities and towns… Remember Aleppo and Palmyra, where terrorists are forbidden in our country ISIS has mined almost every stone and every source of water. Remember the battalions of Ukrainian nationalists, who shelled the reactive systems of volley fire “Grad” and “Smerch” cities and towns of Donbass, killing and maiming civilians. Those who have accepted and signed the Convention, why not pay any attention to such scandalous facts.

But the Western double standards — the theme of another reflection.

The author is a journalist and military commentator for TASS

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