Canadian entrepreneur heats a fish farm with the help of mining

Canadian entrepreneur heats a fish farm with the help of mining


Bruce hardy, a businessman from Canada who owns the company-software developer, and part-time engaged in the production digital currency found unexpected and a very reasonable use of allocated farms for mainiga heat. Now cryptoform literally help to grow his new hobby in growing vegetables and raising fish.

More than thirty ASIC devices installed in the premises, required serious cooling, so hardy for a long time, spent large sums of money for the purchase of fans and the arrangement of the system heat dissipation, and then I realized that is allocated to installations for mining heat can be used otherwise. On the first floor, it was equipped with a fish farm, where the breeding of Arctic char. The water in which they swim, eventually becomes very good fertilizer, so Bruce uses it for watering the plants which grows on another floor. Salad and Basil he sells and eats himself, and the germinated barley is used as feed for living on the floor below bald.

“The income I receive from mining, allows to cover all expenses, to pay work of hired workers and to develop the idea of fish farming and agricultures. Bitcoin helped me to create this demonstration, which we want to show people a new concept, which I am sure will be popular in the world,” says Bruce hardy.

Initiative canadian businessman has supported the head of the local municipality Dwayne Clark, and the idea of interested local and Chinese investors.