CEC is ready to consider the violations in court

CEC is ready to consider the violations in court


The Agency continues to “work on the bugs”

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Unsuccessful in the State Duma of the seventh convocation, the Deputy of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Oksana Dmitrieva, addressed to the Central election Commission to reconsider results of elections in 217th electoral district of Saint-Petersburg. The Agency responded to the complaint and the workshop watched a video from sites that had Dmitriyeva were questions. Fraud is not revealed — only violations of the procedure. The CEC will prepare the resolution that will support Dmitriev in court.

The meeting began with the CEC, with the decision of organizational issues — who will record the violations and enter them in the Protocol, tested, and quality links. Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina welcomed all who were present at the CEC, as well as those who were connected during the video conference Moscow — St. Petersburg.

— To objectively view and objectively evaluate the results presented. From the standpoint of Federal law, he took the word of a member of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev.

We went to St. Petersburg with a comprehensive inspection. Its significant part devoted 217-th constituency (he ran Oksana Dmitrieva. — “Известия7), — said Grishin.

She recalled that the complaint of the Party of growth to the CEC came a long and the staff had the opportunity to carefully study the materials of the case, not once having watched the video. The judicial perspective, said the CEC Secretary not excluded, and listed 15 sites to which the CEC have questions. Oksana Dmitrieva, in turn, this list is offered to complement another area — 828-M.

— There may be standard violation, but you can see it well on the camera, — said Dmitrieva.

We started with a discussion of the movie with the 843-th polling station, the discussion was very lengthy. The screen first displays the points raised Dmitrieva, and if some of them had questions, the record repeatedly rewinding back to allow everyone to carefully study the situation.

— Look! They write something in the center of the sheet — signature affix, — have a pencil on the screen representative of the Present.

The members of the CEC and the experts thought it was controversial, but they noted that the area this was carried out parallel to work with lists and undisclosed data bulletins. The Chairman of the precinct election Commission was asked to comment on the situation.

— Yes, the lists developed in parallel, but this action was agreed with all present. And it was not a list of the state Duma and lists of the legislative Assembly. Grievances and complaints from observers were not, they were all seen and photographed. What is required, then they were given out, — responded the Chairman of izbirkomov-843 Nadezhda Noskova.

— When the counting of votes did not submit ballots for a visual control, and it is on almost all areas — reminded of the violation of the procedure of Dmitriev.

She said that the observers stood next to the table, where figuring out the ballots, and were able to see them.

— Four lay out newsletters, and this can be done only one. Physically impossible to check the correctness of procedure, — said the representatives of the dissatisfied party.

— Despite the fact that the layout (of the ballots. — Izvestia) was slow, those who were there, it was really difficult to follow the course. I noticed that observers had questions for the layout. Want to hear experts, — said Grishin.

Their opinions, like on this account and other items, went. In this case, some insisted that there was a serious breach of procedure, while others found it “not affecting the outcome of the vote”.

— Today the CEC 40 people have gathered, we have too much time to consider the first case. Let’s see action-Packed moments that will convince everyone. Now we examine procedure — proposed CEC member Anton Lopatin.

Experts have listed the items in the articles of the law, which may have been violated, and noted that fraud, ballot box stuffing and other flagrant violations in the area was noted.

— If procedure not complied with, we cannot make a conclusion about that, nor about the other. Let us conduct re — counting of votes- a proposal was made by experts.

Now any decision can be only after the conclusion of the court. Convince the arguments presented to the judge? — said of Durant.

— Let us not distort, but doubt we still have. Why have violated the procedure and counted the ballots according to the requirement of the law? asked Grishin.

The Chairman of the polling station said that the layout of the ballots, by law, would have taken them two days.

— Saving time there, now we spend and spend, — said the CEC Secretary.

In the next section 2123, according to Dmitrieva, unknown people removed by force and observers claimed the plot bags “outstanding” papers. Experts and members of the CEC were interested in who these people are and whether or not the ballots were used.

— Conflict situations have not been, and no complaints, is inconsistent commented on the video, the Chairman of the section of the offending Eleanor martselev, are members of prudential, they came to give and to get results.

During the lengthy discussions, the experts recorded a number of procedural violations. Even a proposal was made to give the case to court and invalidate the results, but not all agreed with this.

— Colleagues, I think we have the power to watch videos even from one area? asked the Secretary of the CEC and asked to display a plot of 2168.

There, as well as on recordings from the previous two, found only procedural violations — the video is not recorded the time of signature of the Protocol and its enlarged form started to fill only after it has claimed the documents (required by law to do the opposite).

— There are obvious — and not — infringement. To argue with the fact that they were not meaningless. Today we watched a video from three sites, and 211, and they are all very different. The CEC will formulate its position on 217-mu to the district. It is advisable to recount the votes in several polling stations in St. Petersburg, such a decision may take the court, — said Nikolay Bulaev, noting that the grounds for cancellation of the election there.

Oksana Dmitrieva continued to insist: to demand cancellation of results of elections, a recount in all areas, “and at the same time”.

Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina ordered to prepare the judgment on the issues associated with comprehensive test of the electoral districts of St. Petersburg. In accordance with this document, the CEC will be able to send a representative to the consideration of the case in court, where Oksana Dmitrieva has already filed lawsuits.