#CES 2018 | 2018 CES Visitors were delighted with the new version...

#CES 2018 | 2018 CES Visitors were delighted with the new version of the Aibo robot


We have already told you that Sony had decided to return to the market one of the most legendary of their products — adorable robot dog Aibo. Visitors technological exhibition CES 2018, which currently welcomes guests in Las Vegas, lucky live to see an updated version of the Japanese robot. And that is to be expected, from what he saw came to the delight of all without exception. Also suggest you to see what awaits buyers of this unusual pet.

Press conference Sony in the framework of the exhibition CES 2018 was incredibly short and low-key. President Kazuo Hirai reported on the success of the Japanese Corporation, said that in the future fans waiting for a brand new Sony products and gadgets, as well as thunderous applause of the audience came out with a new version of the robot Aibo (model ERS-1000). The charming little dog has melted the hearts of not only those present at the presentation journalists, but also ordinary visitors. Of course! Just look at these photos — how can you resist and not melt?

Updated the design of Aibo has become more rounded and pleasing to the eye. From all present people in the room the robot is able to recognize its owner in the face and listen for his voice. Sony representatives claim that the robot is able to form an emotional bond with all members of the family in which he lives. Aibo eyes made of two round OLED displays, which are able to hide behind the artificial for centuries. Look the puppy has become truly alive and fascinating.

The Aibo uses body movements for the many ultra-compact actuators, allowing his body parts move around the axis 22. Given the huge number of electronics, which is stuffed body of the dog, the battery lasts only a couple of hours. Then the dog goes to its docking station where it will rest and be recharged for three hours. Aibo adapted to the people, constantly explores the space around him, looking for things that make him happy, and gradually learns new tricks are constantly evolving.

All the data of pet owners will be able to store in the cloud, and to control Aibo will be able to use voice commands and gestures, but also mobile app My Aibo. The application can set up the robot, see pictures, made its built-in camera, and download from the official store of various new tricks and skills. Fly in the ointment to all this adds is that the high cost of the robot — about $ 1,700 (it is precisely known only to the Japanese price — 198 000 yen), as well as the need to pay a monthly subscription in the amount of about $ 26 (subscription needed to support cloud storage and other important functions).

But even the high price did not prevent many visitors to want to buy this expensive toy. In Japan the pre-orders for the Aibo began to gather in November of last year. The first happy customers will get their dogs already on 11 January, that is, the other day. While Sony did not say when the robot will go on sale in other countries.