Charges 12 officers of the Russian intelligence: first reaction

Charges 12 officers of the Russian intelligence: first reaction


Обвинения 12 офицерам российской разведки: первые реакции

Some American politicians have urged trump to refuse a meeting with Putin

After the arraignment, the officers of the Russian intelligence, Moscow once again issued a denial that he interfered in American elections. However, many American politicians are determined.

The press service of the White house issued a statement which said: “These charges do not include allegations that any of the employees of the election campaign (Donald trump) was knowingly involved (in these crimes) and that the alleged hacker attack affected the election results. This corresponds to what we said earlier”.

The Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry called the charges “old “duck”” and stated that “the purpose of stuffing is to vitiate the atmosphere before the Russian-American summit. Now, influential political forces of the United States, who opposes the normalization of relations between our countries and for two years hunted outright slander, in a hurry to make the most of another “dummy”, about which quickly forget.”

Thomas Perez, head of the National Committee of the Democratic party, issued a statement which highlighted: “the Russian government attacked our democracy in 2016 and the national Committee of the Democratic party was the main purpose of this attack. These are the facts. (…) This is not a “witch hunt” and definitely not a joke, like Donald trump desperately and inaccurately argued in the past. It is high time that he and his allies in the Republican party ceased to ignore this serious threat to our national security”

Senate minority leader, Democrat Chuck Schumer commented: “These allegations are further proof that I understand everything, except for the President: President Putin – the enemy, who had intervened in our elections, to help defeat President Trump”. Schumer and a number of lawmakers, Democrats called on trump to cancel the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, to be held on Monday.

In his statement, Republican Senator John McCain said: “President trump must confront Putin from a position of strength and demonstrate that you will have to pay a serious price for continued aggression against the United States and democracies around the world. If the President trump is not ready to bring Putin to justice, the summit in Helsinki should not be”.