Cheeses from Yury Luzhkov will appear in stores in April

Cheeses from Yury Luzhkov will appear in stores in April


The former capital town Governor will be to sell brie and mozzarella under the brand name “Honey Luzhki”

Photo: NEWS/Paul Poor

The ex-mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, will make the first cheese in April of this year, after which they will immediately fall on the shelves. The first will go on sale in brie and mozzarella under the brand name “Honey Luzhki”. Within six months, the former politician also expects to produce cheese, butter and sour cream.

The company farm “weeder” will start the production of cheese in April of this year. This “Izvestia” said her owner, former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. According to the ex-mayor, is scheduled for the end of last year start of production was shifted due to delay in equipment supply.

– There has been a delay with customs clearance. Until April 10, we will receive in April will be the first cheese. The rest of us. The first ripe soft cheeses – brie and mozzarella, – said Yuri Luzhkov.

According to the former policy, equipment for the production of cheese he ordered in Holland. It cost tens of thousands of dollars, but the exact amount the businessman did not disclose. A hundred cows, from which milk will be cheese farm “weeder” acquired in the summer.

— I buy a bunch of cows in Germany, the Simmental breed. 62 the cows of the highest standard. To increase the volume of cheese we need more milk, – said Yuri Luzhkov.

In addition, farm “weeder” plans to begin producing oil and sour cream, respectively, will require even more raw materials.

According to Yury Luzhkov, 4-6 months after delivery of the equipment will be ready and the Parmesan. This type of cheese ripens longer, so later it will appear on the shelves.

All dairy products from the former mayor of the capital will be sold under the brand name “Honey Luzhki” he said. The brand is already sold buckwheat production “Weedery”.

Note, the farm Yury Luzhkov grow buckwheat in Ozersk district of Kaliningrad region in 2014 (the acreage is about 1.6 thousand hectares), and is the primary product, which it is known. Also farm “weeder” grow oats and wheat for feed. According to base “Spark”, the company’s revenue from sales was $ 151,7 million rubles in 2015. 100% of the shares of the company owned by Yury Luzhkov.

The evaluation of the Executive Director of the National Union of milk producers Artem Belov, the possible production of cheese “Wiederum” will be small.

– The maximum amount of milk 160 cows – 1 thousand tons per year. It is possible to make the order of 100-150 tons of cheese of medium hardness (it is 8-10 tons per month), or 250-300 tons (about 25 tons per month) of soft cheese. This is a very small volume and meets the farmer’s production. The product is niche, it can be sold in the premium segment in retail. But the amount may not be enough, therefore, could be considered direct sales through fermerskie markets or on the Internet – advised Artem Belov.

According to the agriculture Ministry, production of cheese and cheese products in Russia last year amounted to 599,7 thousand tons. In comparison with 2013 it increased by 37.9%.