Chelsea manning intends to run for Senate

Chelsea manning intends to run for Senate


Челси Мэннинг намеревается баллотироваться в Сенат

Transgender, convicted of transferring military documents to WikiLeaks and was pardoned by Obama, is going to compete with the Senator by Cardinal

Transgender Chelsea manning intends to seek election to the Senate from Maryland. The relevant documents were filed with the Federal election Commission.

Manning is going to run as a Democrat challenging Senator Ben Cardino that works in this house of the Congress a second term. The Democratic primary will be held in June, and manning will have until February 27 to file documents to the election Commission state that its name was included in the newsletter.

Cardin, who is the senior Democrat of the Senate foreign relations Committee, was first elected to the Senate in 2006.

Representative Cardin sue Walitsky said, not to mention manning directly that the Senator “expects active discussions and debate and serious conversation with the voters of Maryland”.

The former army intelligence analyst manning (before the sex change Bradley manning), being the American military, gave WikiLeaks more than 700 thousand classified military documents and videos of the fighting. According to her, she took this step to make the public better aware of the impact of war on civilians. Prosecutors claimed that manning is a traitor who put the US and the us military at risk.

In 2013, manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for publishing classified documents. President Obama pardon manning before leaving the White house last year.

After sentencing, manning said he considers himself to be a woman. While in prison she has succeeded in the course of hormonal therapy.

The US President Donald trump said that manning is a traitor.

Trump tried to ban transgender people to serve in the army, but the ban was blocked by the Federal courts.