Child safety: whose responsibility?

Child safety: whose responsibility?


Social activist Yana Lantratova, that it is time to reconsider rules of transportation of children

In a terrible accident in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district killed 12 people, ten of them children. The other is hospitalized in serious condition, now are fighting for their lives doctors. Passengers were children from the section of sports acrobatics, riding with the district competitions. They were accompanied by several adults. The bus was carrying children from Khanty-Mansiysk to Surgut. According to preliminary information, the bus driver lost control and crashed into a truck. In Ugra, the mourning for the dead.

The investigative Committee opened a criminal case on two counts: 264-th and 238-th — violation of traffic rules, entailed death of several persons, and the provision of services that do not meet the requirements of the law. The Governor of the region headed the operational headquarters. Now the thing about this crash is transmitted to the Central apparatus of the Investigative Committee. Sure the perpetrators of this terrible tragedy will be punished. Who is to blame, will understand a consequence. Of course, it will not comfort the loved ones of those killed and injured.

But this raises a serious problem — transportation of children. It has been established that the transfer of the children was not properly agreed. Also responsible for transportation had to notify the traffic police about the impending flight.

According to the information that we used one rule when children have been violated.

Unfortunately, this tragedy is not the only one. Since 2010, the media reported at least five such cases of accidents with buses, carrying out organized transportation of children. In June of 2010 in Omsk, the driver of “KAMAZ” drove into the oncoming lane and collided with the bus travelling in a convoy carrying pupils of children’s sports club summer camp. Then killed two adults and a child and another 16 children were injured.

29 Oct 2011 in Saratov the minibus carrying 16 students was hit by a truck “KAMAZ”, whose driver tried to avoid collision with two cars. In the accident two children died on the spot and 14 were injured.

In may 2012 in Pyatigorsk under the bus “the GROOVE” carried children from the children’s ensemble at the competition for young talents in Sochi. On the site, which carried out the road works, “GROOVE” slowed, and then it crashed going after the bus MAN. From blow “the GROOVE” overturned in a ditch. Killing two children and two adult chaperones. 15 people, mostly children, were injured.

In April 2015 in the Leningrad region minibus, which drove the sports team of the orphanage from the village of anisimovo, collided with a truck. The minibus had 13 people — two adults and 11 teenagers, the team headed to the festival “Sport spring-2015” in Kirovsk. The driver of the van and two children died before the arrival of rescuers, nine of the children in the orphanage were hospitalized, one of them died in hospital from his injuries. In may of last year in Nizhny Novgorod region the minibus, which was carrying children from Kazan to compete in karate in Petersburg, collided with a truck, three bus passengers (including one child) have died; 17 people injured, including ten children.

This sad statistics speaks volumes. That the question of transportation of children is given insufficient attention. What the carriers in a pursuit of profit forget about the safety rules. Even the usual safety rules on the roads, which must always be upheld. But in such cases, when we are talking about the lives of the children, the driver must be a hundred times careful. There is a devaluation of life in the first place — a child’s life.

You need to care more about the safety of these trips. Special transport, safety harness, choice of drivers and attendants is the responsibility of the organizers of the trip and of course parents. Especially scary trip at night and in winter: low visibility, ice, snow drifts on the roads, Blizzard… traffic in these conditions is potentially dangerous. Formally approved the “Rules of the organized transport groups of children by buses”, but they are not always enforced and, apparently, insufficient.

Now report the inspections of the organization of children’s road transport on the territory of the Middle Urals, on the inspections of school buses in the region for compliance with the safety requirements set, the agreement on the routes of children’s transportation in the traffic police. But why is all this happening only after a tragedy occurred? You must pay close attention to the requirements for such transportation, to think about their revision and tightening. The new regulations would make the participation of public organizations and of course, parents. In the end the safety of children is a shared endeavour, and tragic incidents — a total pain.

Transporting children in the evening and at night, maybe you should even prohibit — at least in the winter. It is also necessary to consider projected weather conditions may, if necessary, to cancel or postpone events involving children. It is necessary that the transport of children accompanied by traffic police, and when traveling long distances — regardless of its quantity, rather than starting from three buses in the applicable now. And most importantly — to monitor the implementation of these requirements because the proper standards and establishing meaningless if exist mostly on paper. And we, society, are obliged to ensure public control over the security of transportation of organized groups of children.

The author is Executive Secretary of the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights

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