China has increased tariffs on 128 items from US

China has increased tariffs on 128 items from US


Китай повысил пошлины на 128 наименований товаров из США

American agricultural producers are concerned about the fate of the export markets

2 APR China increased duties on products from the United States with 15 to 25 percent on 128 items, including frozen pork, wine, fruits and nuts. Chinese authorities call this a response to the increase in United States customs duties on imports from China.

Recall that previously, the U.S. increased import duties on steel and aluminium by 25 and 10 percent, respectively.

The Chinese side argues that the U.S. violated WTO rules.

The Ministry of Commerce of China announced that it was suspending its commitments to the WTO, with the reduction of tariffs on 120 American goods, including fruits and alcohol.

It is also noted that China accounts for more than half of the soybean exports from the United States. We are talking about supplies in the amount of $ 14 billion.

“If tariffs will be raised our soybeans destined to China, it would be a disaster for the industry, – said a member of the Association of producers of soybeans in Illinois mark Albertson. – We rely on our export markets. China, in particular, is our biggest market. If we could export our soybeans to other places, it will cost more and will ultimately suffer from this farmers”.

President trump is preparing to impose duties on Chinese goods worth more than $ 50 billion, to punish China for what he, according to Washington, systematically illegally appropriating American intellectual property. Beijing denies the charges.