Chinese app gives discounts and bonuses for snitching on neighbors

Chinese app gives discounts and bonuses for snitching on neighbors


Security issues are undoubtedly very important, many crimes could be prevented if you know about malice in advance. However, the system of denunciations following the modern society follows fashion trends. For example, according to the publication The Wall Street Journal, Chinese Safe Zhejiang (Zhejiang Safe) offers users to engage in whistleblowing in exchange for remuneration.

Now Safe in Zhejiang gives you the opportunity to get a discount at the coffee shop, a subscription to streaming services, or coupon taxi rides for what you report violations of traffic rules, the quarrels of neighbours, or illegal posting on social networks. For downloading the app, users will receive 20 points for inviting new users — 10 points, daily use — 5 points, and for every complaint — 2 points.

Moreover, all denunciations are anonymous and free. Each user is obliged to inform his name, surname and geolocation. At the moment the service is about 5 million people, and it’s worth noting that this is not the only app of this kind. Similar services are common in other areas of the country. For example, in Jiangsu denunciations reward gadgets in Xiamen — the access to the mobile Internet, and in Beijing and did pay money.

And, interestingly, not all can choose to register them in the system or not. Many people in China have to participate in this adventure against his will. For example, in some schools and kindergartens require parents to install the app, and among officials and even the installation process is 100% mandatory. Sometimes the complaint is removed, and in some cases for them to punish those who posted them, especially if users convey to authority, or guide her on her mistakes.