Chinese journalists in the United States, you may have to register as...

Chinese journalists in the United States, you may have to register as foreign agents


Китайским журналистам в США, возможно, придется зарегистрироваться как иностранным агентам

A congressional Committee noted the rapid expansion of Chinese state media abroad, including in the United States

Submitted to Congress a report, which was published on Wednesday, accusing Chinese state media of involvement in espionage and propaganda, and calls to demand that their employees in the United States to register as foreign agents.

In the annual report of the Commission on the analysis of relations between the US and China in the sphere of economy and security, says that while China tightens restrictions for private and foreign media, the Chinese state media are rapid expansion abroad.

The Commission, created by Congress in 2000 to monitor the effects of the us-China trade relations for national security, argues that the expansion of China’s state media is part of a broader effort by Beijing to ensure greater control over how China is perceived around the world as well as to gather information.

The report notes the rapid growth of news Agency “Xinhua” and the fact that it has offices in the headquarters of UN in new York and also in Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and San Francisco.

“Xinhua performs some of the functions of an intelligence Agency, collecting information and preparing classified reports for the Chinese leadership both on domestic and international issues”, – the report says.

The authors of the report refer to the testimony of the Commission, the American human rights organization Freedom House receives funding from the U.S. government. In their opinion, the Law on the registration of foreign agents (FARA) there is a “loophole” that allows people working in the “Xinhua” or the newspaper “people’s daily”, to avoid such registration.

The law was adopted before the Second world war in 1938 to counter the German propaganda. It requires foreign governments, political parties and lobbyists they hire to register with the Ministry of justice.

English-language newspaper China Daily, owned by the Chinese government and ruling Communist party of China, have already been registered as a foreign agent, but the requirement to report their work on the publication is distributed only to its top leadership.

A group of us legislators representing both parties, is working on the revision of FARA, after the former head of the election headquarters of the President of Donald trump manufactu the Floor and his business partner were charged with that they are not registered in accordance with this law.

The reform, which is supported by the influential Chairman of the Senate Committee on the judiciary Chuck Grassley, may give Congress an opportunity to adopt the Commission’s recommendations.

On Monday, the Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT America registered as a foreign agent. The report of the us intelligence services, issued in January, the broadcaster called “state propaganda machine” that contributed to the campaign for the Kremlin’s interference in last year’s U.S. presidential election.

In accordance with the law of RT required to disclose information of a financial nature. Moscow said it is considering taken against the RT measure as an unfriendly action.