Chinese startup Rokid introduced its own AR glasses

Chinese startup Rokid introduced its own AR glasses


Microsoft’s HoloLens headset is too bulky and expensive, and Magic Leap, though, finally, appeared in public, still struggling with countless competitors because of their absence, though the idea of augmented reality predict a great future in completely different areas. Try your hand in creating field AR-devices decided and the Chinese company Rokid, issued a very fashionable prototype of the gadget which now not ashamed to go out.

Reynold Wu, head of development Department, noted that earlier attempts by Google to enter the market of AR devices failed because the glasses were ahead of its time, but technology failed them. Now the battery and other components of electronic devices have become much smaller, so to make an augmented reality headset is now much easier than ten years ago. And the consumer has no need to explain what this is “augmented reality” — he is familiar with it — that only is the recent boom Pokemon Go and other pleasures of life in augmented reality.

Points you can control with gestures and voice commands, but they have a touch surface, therefore, recognize and touch. Between the eyeglass lens the camera is, and do glasses constitute the OLED displays, which will be displayed various information. Work glasses will be running a special version of Android that is perfectly “adapted” to the gadget and makes management intuitive and simple, so the glasses can easily use when walking or driving.

“We are doing points that will improve your life, not replace it virtual”, — say the developers.

The interface points will be unobtrusive and pleasing to the eye — it is assumed that the toast should not interfere with the owner, thus complementing its visual picture of the world with new information.