CIA Director: Russia and others continue to attempt to undermine the electoral...

CIA Director: Russia and others continue to attempt to undermine the electoral process in the United States


Директор ЦРУ: Россия и другие продолжают попытки подорвать избирательный процесс в США

Mike Pompeo said that the Russian intervention is long-term

The head of the CIA said Sunday that Russia and other countries are trying to undermine the electoral process in the United States.

Next major elections will be held in November, when Republicans will try to maintain control of Congress.

American intelligence has concluded that Russia interfered in the presidential elections in 2016 to help the President to Donald Trump to win. The intervention, in particular, was the hacking and publication of e-mails that put the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in an awkward position, but also in the promotion of social networks.

The Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo said, speaking on CBS that Russian intervention is long-term and ongoing. Pompeo, who participated in the program “face the nation”, he asked, does Moscow attempts to undermine elections in the United States at the present time.

“Yes, it goes on for decades. Me is still disturbed, and the efforts of not only Russian, but also others, ‘ he said, without going into details. – We have many enemies who want to undermine Western democracy.”

Moscow denies any interference in the elections of 2016 to help the victory of the Republican trump. Spectacular Robert Mueller wants to know if there committed crimes.

Two former colleague of trump, former national security Advisor, Michael Flynn and a member of the election headquarters of George Papadopoulos, pleaded guilty to giving false information to the FBI in connection with the Russian investigation. Trump denies any collusion of its election headquarters with Russia.

Trump is sometimes given to understand that he agreed with the conclusions of us intelligence that Russia tried to intervene in the elections, but in some other cases, said that he accepts the refusal of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to recognize that Moscow’s intervention had taken place.

Trump often talks about wanting to improve relations with Putin, despite the fact that Russia is upset with US policy in Syria and Ukraine, and not make a special effort to help Washington in its confrontation with North Korea.

Pompeo said that in the framework of national security, the CIA performs a vital function in security and democratic character of elections in the United States.

“We are working hard on it. We will work against the Russians and any others that threaten it,” he said.

Trump said Saturday that he plans to actively participate in the campaign to support Republican candidates who will run in the midterm elections in November, when it will be re-elected to the House of representatives and one third of the Senate. Now the Republicans have the majority in both houses.