Cinema has asked the Ministry of culture to move the premiere of...

Cinema has asked the Ministry of culture to move the premiere of the movie “fast & furious 8”


Frame from the movie “fast & furious 8”


The largest cinema chain has asked the Ministry of culture does not shift for a week the premiere of American film “fast & furious 8” for Russian film about the astronauts

As the newspaper “Vedomosti”, “cinema Park”, “Caro”, Formula Kino and Kinomax appealed to the Ministry of culture to move the premiere of Hollywood film “fast & furious 8”, which is scheduled for April 13. Distributors fear that the Agency may take this step for the movie “first Time” on a spacewalk Alexei Leonov, the producer of which was made by Timur Bekmambetov

Employee of a major production company and source Newspapers in the Ministry of culture reported that the decision about “fast & Furious-8” has already been made and this film will get a distribution certificate on April 20, one week later. Allegedly lobbied this decision Bekmambetov and starring in the film Yevgeny Mironov.

Earlier Mironov after contacting the President’s Administration managed to get around another competitor — the film “Salyut-7” Sergei Selyanov. The creators of the last tape about the accident on the space station is also expected to release the film in April, however, in favor of “first Time” made personally by the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

Cinemas were really counting on “fast & furious 8” as the previous part of the movie was one of the most successful in the history of steel, and “first Time”, in their opinion, is unlikely to gather more than a few hundred million rubles.

The trailer for the film “fast and furious 8” Video: Universal Pictures Russia

The publication indicates that the heads of cinema chains had threatened Bekmambetov, take it off the film, if officials will continue to climb in their pocket. However, a source in the Ministry of culture indicated that in some cases, policy is more important than business, and would suit demarches waiting for a harsh response.