CNN journalists found in Moscow, a huge farm for mining

CNN journalists found in Moscow, a huge farm for mining


Large mining farms will not surprise anybody in China or in the North of Europe, while in Russia they are quite a few — now it accounts for only about three percent of the entire network of Bitcoin. But there are heroes and “our Palestine” — it is about them, the CNN reporters picked up a small plot. Russian centre of mining is, this organization is housed in a former automobile plant. The project invested many millions of dollars, so it’s very noisy and mines Bitcoin with Air at a frantic pace.

The farm, which invested huge amounts of money, working around the clock, mining cryptocurrency yet repulsing the costs expended by the owners for the resettlement point. The work will have about $ 50 million, 10 of which have been invested in the farm immediately, and another 43 million attracted through ICO.

But that’s not all. The already impressive size of the farm will soon increase to five times the owners of the farm are going to make it to the end of 2017.

Besides mining project owners and create device for production of “crypt”, part of which left for their own needs, and the rest is sold to enthusiasts.

Address of the company in the report does not disclose, but to find her and without clear indication of the big work will not make, because in Moscow not so many abandoned car factories, fewer are those that suspiciously loudly humming.

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