CNN: Team Muller was interrogated by Russian oligarchs in the United States

CNN: Team Muller was interrogated by Russian oligarchs in the United States


CNN: Команда Мюллера допрашивала российских олигархов в США

According to the broadcaster, the investigators were interested in illegal donations from Russians in the campaign of trump

The team of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller took the unusual step of interrogating the Russian oligarchs, who visited the United States.

This was reported by broadcaster CNN.

Citing numerous sources familiar with the investigation, the broadcaster said that one of the oligarchs was stopped when his private plane landed at the airport in the heart of new York. However, his electronic devices were searched.

The second oligarch was questioned during a recent trip to the United States, reported CNN. It is not clear whether he is inspection.

Team Mueller also sent a request for the voluntary provision of documents and conversation to a third oligarch, who recently visited the USA, is spoken in the message of the company.

Described situations have one common feature: the investigators asked did rich Russians illegal donations – direct or indirect – the campaign headquarters of Donald trump and the inaugural Committee, told CNN.

The interest of investigators to the Russian oligarchs were not previously reported.

According to CNN, the team of Muller began to pay more attention to the possible flow of money from Russia to the us election campaign as part of its wider investigations into the possible collusion of staff trump with Russia in the elections of 2016.