CNN: the U.S. and Russia can replace the expelled diplomats new employees

CNN: the U.S. and Russia can replace the expelled diplomats new employees


CNN: США и Россия могут заменить высланных дипломатов новыми сотрудниками

The approval of nominations of Russian personnel will take place “on an individual basis,” said an employee of the state Department

The state Department confirmed that the U.S. and Russia can replace sent last week, diplomats with new employees.

This was reported by broadcaster CNN.

The broadcaster referred to the state Department official, who called the process a standard practice in cases where employees are declared persona non grata and expelled. However, he noted that the approval of nominations of new diplomats will be held “individually”.

“As in all similar incidents in the past, the Russian government has the right to request accreditation for the filling of vacant posts in their bilateral mission told CNN the state Department spokesman. – All requests for new diplomatic accreditations will be considered on an individual basis”.

“The Russian Federation has not informed us of the intention to reduce the total number of staff by our bilateral mission, he added. – Thus we understand that the United States can make a request to fill positions sent new diplomats diplomatic staff”.

Last week the White house announced the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats and their family members in response to the recent poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in the UK, which, presumably, was organized by the Kremlin. Washington also demanded to close the Russian Consulate in Seattle.

Last Thursday, the Kremlin announced that expels an equal number of American diplomats and closes American Consulate in St. Petersburg. The American staff was given a week to leave Russia, but they also can be replaced if the Russian government will issue a new diplomatic visa.