Congress: vote on tax reform

Congress: vote on tax reform


Конгресс: голосование по налоговой реформе

It is expected that in both houses the votes will be divided along party lines

The U.S. Congress on Tuesday is beginning a vote on the most ambitious in 30 years of tax reform, which could become the first major legislative victory of the party under President Donald trump.

The house of representatives, which introduced the original version of the bill on 2 November, will vote first – in the second half of the day on Tuesday.

The vote in the Senate will be held on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, after a 10-hour debate. As expected, the votes in both chambers are divided strictly on party lines, the bill is almost guaranteed.

Republicans insist that a package of tax reductions for corporations, small businesses and individuals to spur economic growth and labour market. They also think reform is a key step to save the majority in the House of representatives and the Senate following the November midterm elections.

Rapid progress of the bill at the end of the year marks a brilliant turn in the legislative efforts of the Republicans in the middle of the year failed in an attempt to cancel the program Obamacare.

The last doubts about the fate of tax reform has almost disappeared on Monday after the last two doubting Republican senators, Susan Collins and Mike Lee, have agreed to support the bill. “I’m ready to vote, said Republican Senator John Kennedy. – I think that it should vote in a weekend.”