Congress voted for continued funding of the government’s work

Congress voted for continued funding of the government’s work


Конгресс проголосовал за продолжение финансирования работы правительства

The bill provides funding for the work of the U.S. government until February 8

After the upper house of the U.S. Congress for continued funding of the Federal government until February 8, voted, and the lower house.

Конгресс проголосовал за продолжение финансирования работы правительства

266 congressmen voted “for”, “against”, addressed the 150 members of the house of representatives. The bill includes a six-year financing insurance programs in the sphere of children’s health (Children’s Health Insurance Program, CHIP), but not the protection of members of the DACA program. The bill gets on the President’s Desk Trump, who promised to sign it.

Recall that Donald trump said Monday that he is ready to agreement on the issue of immigration, but only in the case if he sees that it will benefit the country.

“We will conclude a long-term agreement on immigration, if – and only if – it will be good for the country”, – reads the statement of the President, which was read to journalists the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Конгресс проголосовал за продолжение финансирования работы правительства

“As we said earlier, we support a permanent solution for those who is a party to the DACA program,” – said the press Secretary of the White house during a briefing. – “We will also work to solve the problem with granting American citizenship to DACA participants. The White house insists on the need for overall immigration reform, rather than solving the problems with only one program.”

Earlier Monday, the Senate voted to end debate on the bill on a three-week budget. Thirty-three Democrats and forty-eight Republicans United in voting to end debate on the bill, allowing to continue the work of the government until February 8, paving the way for a final vote on the bill.

This happened after the Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell assured the senators that in the coming weeks will deal with the issue of the protection from deportation of approximately 800,000 “dreamers” – young immigrants, children brought parents, in the United States.

We will vote today to open the government, said earlier Chuck Schumer. He thanked a bipartisan group of legislators who developed the foundations of the compromise. At the same time Schumer stressed that the fate of the “dreamers” should apply immediately.

It is impossible to achieve any progress, until the government opens again, said Mitch McConnell on Monday morning.

As the correspondent of “voice of America” Michael Bowman, a priority for Democrats are the guarantee that the Congress will vote for protection from deportation undocumented immigrants brought to America in childhood.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell on Sunday evening, promised to hold the vote, but the Republican-controlled House of representatives, this promise does not apply, and President Donald trump may veto any bill at their discretion.

The correspondent of “Voice of America” Ken Bredemeier quotes trump about the Democrats made on Twitter earlier on Monday: “Democrats deny citizens the services and security for the sake of comfort and security for non-citizens. Not good!”

The President also said that “the Democrats shut down our government in the interests of his ultra-left base. They don’t want to do this, but they are powerless!”

The Director of the White house office for legislative Affairs, said in an interview with CNN that trump wants to “find a path” to legalization for young immigrants, many of whom have known no other homeland other than the United States. however, according to him, on the border with Mexico still exists a “real security threat”, therefore trump demands to allocate funding for the construction of the wall to deter further illegal immigration.

In the new political advertising in favor of trump argues that the Democrats are the “collaborators” of the murders committed in the US by illegal immigrants.

The leader of Senate Democrats Charles Schumer on Sunday evening said that the Democrats and Republicans “have not yet reached agreement about the future path” linking the full reopening of the government with the resolution of the question of deportation.

Конгресс проголосовал за продолжение финансирования работы правительства

For Democrats who don’t trust Trump, the budget vote is a risky move. If trump accuses them in that they put the interests of immigrants ahead of the interests of American citizens, the Democrats, in turn, accused trump of the creation of crisis due to the cancellation of a program that allowed young immigrants to study and work in the United States.

While Republicans and Democrats continue to blame each other in creating the impasse, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham laid the blame on the White house, in particular the Advisor to trump on immigration by Stephen Miller, who adheres to a rigid position.

“Every time we have the proposal, members of the administration reject it, said Graham. – While Steven Miller is responsible for the negotiations on immigration, we will not move”.

According to Graham, the immigration views of Miller at odds with the views of the majority. The white house on these comments has yet to respond.