Congressmen are not concerned with the threat Pyongyang to cancel the summit

Congressmen are not concerned with the threat Pyongyang to cancel the summit


Конгрессменов не обеспокоила угроза Пхеньяна отменить саммит

Lawmakers from both parties are calling for restraint

U.S. lawmakers from both parties noted that it is not surprised by the threat of North Korea to cancel the planned meeting between President Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN.

Objections Pyongyang about the U.S.-South Korean military exercises and the position of the administration trump North Korea’s nuclear program – an obvious negotiating ploy, said Republican Senator Tom Tillis.

“I think this is normal at this stage of any negotiations. The question is, will there be in the end of the summit,” he said.

The White house has tried to downplay the significance of the threat of Pyongyang. Tillis calls continue to follow a cautious approach.

“A couple of weeks ago no one could have predicted that we’d reach the time when the meeting (Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN) will be assigned. I believe we’ve made undeniable progress, but you need to weigh up the reaction and continue in the same vein,” – said the Senator.

Democratic Senator Chris coons in an interview with “Voice of America” said that Pyongyang’s actions highlight the complexity of interactions with Kim Jong-UN. “It reminds us that he is resourceful and skillful enemy, that he will behave unpredictable, and negotiations with him will be difficult, as it was with his father and grandfather.”

Leading Democrat in Senate foreign relations Committee Ben Cardin urged to stick to quiet diplomacy, not resorting to loud rhetoric, which is typical of Pyongyang.