Cosmetic company L’oreal grows human skin specifically for China

Cosmetic company L’oreal grows human skin specifically for China


The cosmetic industry has in recent years stepped far forward, and to test new cosmetic products now use a specially grown human skin. But as you know, the skin of people of different nationalities at the micro level may be very different in composition. Therefore, one of the leaders of the cosmetics industry in the face of L’oréal to work on the Asian market specifically cultivates a new type of artificial human skin.

According to the publication Bloomberg, on the basis of his laboratory, L’oréal conducts experiments using cells from human skin in order to “calibrate” the products of the average resident of China. It is worth noting that the French manufacturer of cosmetics is the first in the world who decided to use the reconstructed donor skin cells in his research. And since the Chinese market is one of the most promising, the French decided to produce drugs for him. As stated by the Vice-President research and innovation at L’oréal China Co Sanford brown

“Chinese consumers are the most discerning. This applies to almost all categories of our products. They say: I am willing to pay only for what is really useful for me personally. In order to realize the enormous potential of the Chinese market, we decided best to adapt their products for local residents.”

According to scientists, the skin of people of different races differently reacts to external stimuli. On the skin of the representative of the European race under ultraviolet light wrinkles, while the skin of the Asian will begin to produce pigment and anti-aging. In addition, the different and the interaction of the skin with the products of the cosmetic industry. For the experiments on artificial skin responds subsidiary of L’oréal in the face For. They are testing different ingredients for restored gelatinous skin. However, there is one small catch: at the moment, Chinese law has not reglamentary experiments with regenerated leather, so until proper laws, the new cosmetics will be on sale.