Costin called “crazy house” situation in the U.S. Congress

Costin called “crazy house” situation in the U.S. Congress


Andrey Kostin

Photo: Ekaterina Kuzmina / RBC

The head of VTB Andrey Kostin believes that the U.S. Congress is reminiscent of the “crazy house” due to numerous accusations of Russia in influencing Donald trump. According to Kostin, it makes it difficult to establish relations between Moscow and Washington

The head of VTB Andrey Kostin considers that due to the anti-Russian sentiment and promotion of this topic in the media Capitol hill recalls, “not a house of cards, and mad house,” said he in an interview with CNBC.

Kostin thinks it’s weird that any diplomatic attempt of the American President Donald trump to establish relations with Russia is perceived by the press and by some politicians as a “crime”. “I don’t understand, people want a nuclear war between two superpowers or something?” — asks Costin.

In his opinion, this approach only prevents to restore relations between Moscow and Washington, which have deteriorated over the past few years.

“It is very sad, because with ordinary people and business partners in America, we have a good relationship, we have worked very constructively,” — said the head of VTB.

During the presidential campaign, trump and after his inauguration, Russia is systematically accused of interfering in the race and influencing the actions of the American President. For the investigation of this case in the United States named a special Prosecutor, who was a former head of the FBI Robert Mueller. Trump called this step the “great witch hunt” and felt that it would cause “terrible harm” to the United States.

Spectacular without fear and without reproach: who in the US will lead to “Russian business”

Reuters , citing current and former us officials said may 18 that the former national security Advisor, Michael Flynn and other members of the campaign trump at least 18 times in contact with Russian officials and individuals who have connections in the Kremlin. Among the contacts, according to the source, was the phone conversation between the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak and trump’s advisers, including Flynn.

May 10, trump met with foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Kislyak. After that, The Washington Post wrote that the President of the United States gave them the information “top secret”. The ABC was told that these data, the American side has received from the Israeli intelligence officer in the ranks of ISIS.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, commenting on this information, said that in the United States is developing “political schizophrenia”. According to Putin, such charges cause in Russia “concern” because “hard to imagine” that I can think of people who “generate” such “nonsense” and “nonsense”.