Created a high-tech tablet for examination of the intestine

Created a high-tech tablet for examination of the intestine


Gut check — the procedure is not the most pleasant, but, no doubt, necessary. Most patients delay the examination or completely abandon it precisely because of the huge discomfort. However, a group of scientists from Australia have developed a smart pill that can substitute for the gut check.

In his research of Australian researchers decided to create an analogue of a colonoscopy (examination of the bowel through the rectum), but without a concomitant direct intervention.

Scientists have conducted the first tests and got very encouraging results. In a series of experiments on the study of the intestine was attended by the volunteers who adhered to a strict and identical for each diet so that the final results were “clean”. Subjects were divided into 2 groups: the first consumed foods with high fiber content and one with low. In the experiment, each group had to not only make smart tablet, but also to undergo a colonoscopy to control the result. It turned out that in each group the results obtained by using the pill, did not differ from the data of colonoscopy, and bowel habits consistent with the reception of rough and soft foods, which, incidentally, does not affect the smart medical gadget.

With regard to the principle of action, it begins when the pill gets into the gastrointestinal tract. It scans the condition of the intestines, the contents of chemical compounds, the environment and the condition of the wall. The information received tablet every five minutes, transmits to the smartphone. Thus, you can monitor any variable for the time until the pill traveling through the body. If further studies will confirm the effectiveness of the device — this will become a new step in the diagnosis of diseases of the intestine.