Created a powder able to provide the U.S. army with energy

Created a powder able to provide the U.S. army with energy


A modern army in most cases relies on different equipment and devices which operate on electrical energy. But what if all the batteries are in the progress of multi-day combat operation was set, and the generator is not at hand? The us military has developed a miracle powder, even a small handful of which in contact with water, is capable of producing an impressive amount of energy, which is enough to power important appliances.

The solution came from scientists in luck. During one of the experiments in the Research laboratory of the us army scientists mixed nanokeramiki-based powder of aluminum with water and witnessed an incredibly violent reaction – the water began to boil very much. On further investigation it turned out that the reaction was a hydrolysis product, in which water is split into its component molecules of oxygen and hydrogen. Previously, aluminium has already been used to produce hydrogen, but to launch such a process was necessary catalyst in the form of temperature, chemical components or electricity.

New nanomaterial made possible to carry out the hydrolysis without all the additives and additional external influences. Just poured the powder into the water and get energy. The reaction is very fast. Scientists estimate that in this way of 1 kilogram of powder can produce 220 kilowatts of power in just 3 minutes. Impressive, isn’t it? During laboratory tests, scientists have collected a small radio-controlled model of the tank and equipped with its hydrolysis by the engine based on the new material. The researchers believe that the current efficiency of the powder in the future, can be increased at least twice.

In the future, according to the researchers, it will be possible to establish mechanisms of this material. For example, drones or robots, which if necessary could dissolve their own details to recharge batteries. This, among other things, will be a safe way of self-destruction of strategically important weapons. But most likely, the us army first figure out how to supply the nanopowder of his soldiers, so that they could extract energy from it in the field.