Created controlled by the power of thought arm exoskeleton

Created controlled by the power of thought arm exoskeleton


Swiss engineers from the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne have created a working prototype of the exoskeleton of the hand, which can be controlled by thought. The developers were able to dispense with the implantation of the electrodes under the skin, placing them on a rubber helmet.

The brain impulses are transmitted from the helmet to the metal “tendons” which are attached to the wrists and fingers of the owner with the help of Velcro for fixing, thereby causing to move the patient’s arm.

The exoskeleton is easy to use, installs in minutes, and has a function to control eye movement, which was provided for completely immobilized people. He’s already tested for post-stroke and spinal injury patients, and now the developers want to improve his work so that he helped people to perform their daily tasks.

The studies conducted by developers during the testing process of the exoskeleton, it was found that when management thought the device with one hand, the patient aktiviziruyutsya areas of the brain responsible for the movement of the second hand. Scientists plan to use this feature to improve the management of the development and for the complexity of its design.