Created fabric that is simultaneously warm and cool

Created fabric that is simultaneously warm and cool


Just imagine the clothes that depending on environmental conditions and is able to warm people, a refuge from the cold, and cooled if the weather is very hot. But clothes that are hard to imagine without the right fabric, namely a fabric created by scientists from Stanford University. Bilateral nanoporous polyethylene with a carbon layer and a copper coating in the middle opens up for clothing manufacturers tremendous opportunities.

Created by scientists, the fabric is able to simultaneously disperse and retain heat depending on which side it is adjacent to the human skin. The researchers believe that it can be used for sewing bilateral unique clothes. The material is a porous polyethylene with a hole diameter of 50 to 1000 nanometers. Previously it is used for garment, cooling the surface of the human body. But this time the fabric was subjected to serious revision.

Between two layers of polyethylene with different then the scientists placed the copper and carbon layers. Carbon layer absorbs and gives off radiated body heat, so to him fell the task of cooling. At the same time, the copper perfectly reflects the heat, making it a perfect material to warm up the body. The thickness of copper deposition only 150 nanometers, so it is perfectly passes air and steam, which prevents the formation of sweat on the skin.

Test unique fabric showed excellent results. It cools the skin to 33.8 degrees Celsius and warms her up to 40.3 degrees. It is not excluded that very soon the fabric will go on General sale and will be used to create universal clothing. The results of the work of researchers from Stanford was published in the journal Science Advances.