Crime in Chicago: indicators for the year has improved

Crime in Chicago: indicators for the year has improved


Преступность в Чикаго: показатели по итогам года улучшились

President trump Chicago regularly criticizes the authorities for failing to fight crime in the city

Chicago finished in 2017 with fewer homicides than the year before, but the activity of gangs in the most dangerous blocks and have not allowed the city to fall below $ 600 murders for the calendar year.

Chicago police published on Monday by the statistics showing that the number of murders involving a firearm decreased from 771 at the end of 2016 to 650, and shooting incidents – from 3550 to 2785 for the same period.

The number of murders continues to exceed, in aggregate new York and Los Angeles.

The head of the Chicago police Eddie Johnson expressed hope that the statistics will continue to improve in the coming year, including through the use

high-tech technologies and equipment to combat crime.

“I am proud of the progress made by our officers throughout the city in 2017. In 2018, we will work hard to consolidate – to reduce the number of murders using firearms to save lives and help victims to achieve justice”, – reads the statement of Johnson.

In six of the 22 police districts in Chicago were created centres of strategic decision-making, including in the most dangerous areas of the city.

Such centers are equipped with technology of definition of sound, which allows accurate detection of the scene of the shooting and immediately notify the police recorded the incident crews.

One of the first centers were opened in Englewood, South Chicago, and at the end of December, the number of homicides in the district decreased from 86 last year to 48.

Police expect that this trend will continue and will be replicated in six other districts where it is planned to establish such centres.