CTP will complement the reimbursement for defective repairs

CTP will complement the reimbursement for defective repairs


Human rights activists and owners achieve a tenfold increase in fines and penalties

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The law on insurance for the second reading can get important amendment. With its help, the owners will be able to obtain increased fines from the insurance company for each day when the machine was under repair, which was unsuccessful. This “Izvestia” said the head of the Duma Committee on financial markets Anatoly Aksakov, where now there is an active revision of the document. The deputies are discussing the possibility of a tenfold increase of fines for poor maintenance, but this idea was not liked by the insurers.

Now insurance companies are responsible for substandard repairs within the CASCO products, but in the case of insurance to such payments are complex and their size is much more modest.

— It is necessary to provide the possibility of obtaining a refund of money, if carried out poor quality repairs. All this is supposed to make a responsible insurance company, to pay compensation in case of poor maintenance should insurers, told about the idea of Anatoly Aksakov. Someone must have a relationship first of all with the insurance company. If something went wrong, the insurance company must reimburse.

The idea is that if the occurrence of the insured event to the repair of the car was given to 35 days. The insured may choose to receive compensation in money or in kind. In the second case the responsibility falls on the insurer, including for violation of terms and poor maintenance. If a car owner is not satisfied with its condition after the return of the vehicle, he may require a penalty interest rate of 30-60 rubles, as it is today, and 600 rubles for each day that the car was in service. This rule now applies to hull.

The idea is that if a person after 35 days will get the car and he will be proved through the experts claim to the insurer, it sends the vehicle to re-repair, which will pay the insurer. He will pay some penalties and interest, same with the hull — said the President of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) Igor Yurgens.

According to him, this idea was offered by human rights activists and owners. They made a proposal to increase the current fines tenfold.

The head of the RSA does not consider it appropriate tenfold increase in fines, because it will actually equate insurance with comprehensive insurance at completely different price categories these insurance products. In addition, this effectively introduces a presumption of guilt, the service stations and the insurer.

— The whole idea of penalties is adequate, but they need to introduce a similar, but not equal in size. Otherwise each repair would be very expensive, — said Igor Yurgens.

In General, the idea of supporting and managing Director of the National rating Agency (NRA) Pavel Samiev. In his opinion, this will create a control system for p & C insurers.

— Possible fines or penalties for each day that the vehicle is re-repaired after a poor first, if you could stand at the service of such system and be used as preventive measures against bad faith insurance companies, — says Pavel Samiev.

At the same time, said managing Director of NRA, such a system should not lead to situations in which the victims appear to be a means of pressure on insurers to generate additional money.

— Should not occur and risks of outright fraud on the part of the avtoyuristov, — says Pavel Samiev. — There should be hard binding amount of the fine to the number of days spent car repair, after all, legally responsible for the quality of the repair itself carries a service, and the insurer for the timing and completeness of work.

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