Death in Niger

Death in Niger


Смерть в Нигере

“Washington Post”: perhaps one of the victims in Niger American soldiers were captured by terrorists

The Washington Post reported that the body La of David Johnson, one of four U.S. servicemen killed in September in Niger – according to local residents were discovered with their hands tied. Presumably he was executed.

The newspaper reports that two residents of the village Tongo Tongo told reporters that the children found the body of Johnson on 6 October, that is two days after attack of terrorists linked to ISIS, which killed four Americans and five soldiers of the armed forces of Niger.

A farmer named Amadou Boubacar said that Johnson was lying face down and his hands were bound with rope. Maybe he was captured. Information bubacar have been confirmed by a few peasants. The remaining bodies of the three victims were found several hours after the attack.

The circumstances surrounding this tragedy are now being investigated: originally distributed by the Pentagon information questioned a number of U.S. lawmakers.

Sources The Washington Post in the U.S. armed forces has denied the information that the hands of Johnson were linked, and urged people not to draw conclusions until the investigation is completed.