Democrats hope that the response to the “Memorandum Nunes” will be released

Democrats hope that the response to the “Memorandum Nunes” will be released


Демократы надеются, что ответ на «меморандум Нунеса» будет обнародован

The representatives of the minority in Congress insist that the public needs to hear both sides and make your own opinion

Congressional Democrats seek to publish his response to the Republican-compiled document, which stated that the FBI exceeded its powers while investigating the Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016.

The Democrats are in the minority in the select Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives, calling for the vote to give them the opportunity to Express their point of view concerning classified information on which to base unveiled last week a four-page Memorandum. However, Democrats will have to answer the questions that will reveal whether their response to information about intelligence activities.

The response document that you want to publish the Democrats should be referred to the President Trump to have it checked out, was not disclosed whether there is confidential information. Trump said earlier that Memorandum, drawn up by Republicans in the intelligence Committee, headed by its Chairman Devin Nudecom, “fully justifies” it in the case of the Russian intervention in the elections and a possible obstruction of justice in an attempt to limit the investigation.

Демократы надеются, что ответ на «меморандум Нунеса» будет обнародован

On Monday morning, trump posted a tweet in which he criticized the leading Democrat in the Committee, Adam Schiff, calling him a “small fry”. Schiff called the Republican Memorandum “political contract killing” against the FBI.

The President said that Schiff “desperately seeks to obtain a higher position” and called it “one of the main liars in Washington”, along with ex-FBI Director James Comey, a Senator from Virginia mark Warner, former FBI Director John Brennan and former Director of National intelligence James Clapper, which trump also clashed on issues related to national security.

“Adam’s walking away from the closed meetings of the Committee to illegally drain the confidential information. This needs to stop!”– wrote the President.

Schiff responded to Trump on Twitter: “Mr. President, I see that you’ve had a busy morning full of “important state matters”. The Americans would be grateful if instead of publishing to Twitter slander you turned off the TV and helped to resolve the crisis with funding, to protect “dreamers,” or… anything else.”

Meanwhile, trump praised Nuñez, writing on Twitter: “house of representatives Member Devin Nunes, a man of great courage and resilience, may be one day recognized as a great American hero for what he exposed, and what he had to face on his way!»

Several Republicans on Sunday challenged the assertion of a tramp that “the Memorandum Nunes” justifies it in the case of the Russian intervention in the elections, which is headed by spectracolor Robert Mueller.

The four-page document States that in October 2016, the FBI was actively used in the dossier, commissioned by Democrats the former British agent Christopher Steele, to obtain from the court permission for the surveillance of a former member of the campaign headquarters of Carter page to establish its ties with Russia.

However, the Memorandum also States that the FBI’s investigation, later transferred to Muller, had begun several months earlier, in July 2016, when the agents started to learn Russian contact other counsel to trump, George Papadopoulos, who later pleaded guilty to perjury for lying about contacts with Russia and agreed to cooperate with the investigation Muller.

One of the authors of the Memorandum, Republican Trey gowdy, said in an interview with CBS that the document did not compromise the investigation by Mueller.

According to gowdy, “there is an investigation into the Russian case without a file (Steele),” because there were other connections between his campaign trump and Russia, including the June 2016 meeting in the Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer, who promised to give an approximation of tramp the dirt on his rival, Hillary Clinton. Gowdy said that the dossier Steele “is also irrelevant to the obstruction of justice”.

The other Republican of the intelligence Committee, Congressman Chris Stewart, told Fox News: “I think it would be a mistake to say that spectracolor should not continue its work. Honestly, this Memorandum generally irrelevant to spectacular”.

The leader of the Democrats in the Senate on Sunday sent a letter to Trump, urging him to approve the publication of the response of the Democrats in the “Memorandum Nuñez” and saying that we need to allow American citizens “to hear both sides and make your own opinion.”

Democrats opposed the publication of the Memorandum, insisting that Republicans selectively approached the reporting and exaggerated the role of the dossier Steele in the attempts of the FBI to obtain a court order.

The FBI also objected to the promulgation of the document, expressing “serious concerns” about its authenticity, claiming that the authors omitted important facts regarding the request tracking page. Deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein, which is responsible for the investigation of Muller, also opposed publication of the document.

Nunes, in turn, said Friday that the decision on the publication of the Memorandum would “shed light” on “disturbing the (public) sequence of events”.

“The Committee found serious violations of the public trust, and citizens of the United States have a right to know when officials in key entities using his official position for political purposes – said Nunez. – Our intelligence and law enforcement agencies exist to protect Americans, not to persecute one group for another.”