Democrats ready to delete sensitive information from a Memorandum about “the Russian...

Democrats ready to delete sensitive information from a Memorandum about “the Russian investigation»


Демократы готовы исключить секретную информацию из меморандума о «российском расследовании»

The publication of the document was blocked by the President trump, who had previously authorized the publication of a similar Memorandum of Republicans

The members of the house of representatives Committee on intelligence of the Democratic party are prepared to exclude some fragments of his Memorandum on the FBI “Russian investigation”, in order to prevent leaks of classified information, and then again tries to get President Donald trump publication of this document.

The representative of the White house on Sunday expressed confidence that the Memorandum will be published as soon as the Democrats it will adjust.

These signs of possible progress has been made, after both sides exchanged mutual recriminations emotional on this issue.

The senior Democrat in the Committee, Congressman Adam Schiff stated that trump puts personal interests above interests of the country, blocking the Memorandum, which “completely undermines his statement that he was cleared” in the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller concerning relations campaign headquarters trump with Russia and Russian intervention in the elections.

“The President doesn’t want the public learned of the underlying facts,” said Schiff, speaking in the program “face the nation” on CBS.

The Director of the White house on legislative matters mark Short said that the Democrats overloaded their Memorandum of classified information, knowing that trump would prevent its publication. According to short, the Democrats went for it to present the President with a filibuster king.

“We are not afraid of transparency. I think you will see how we will publish the Memorandum,” said Short in the program “Meet the press” on NBC.

Despite the objections of the Ministry of justice, trump has unveiled the Republican Memorandum argues that the “rossiiskoiakademii” conducted by the FBI, there had been abuse of power to conduct surveillance. The FBI has expressed “serious concerns” about the accuracy given in the Memorandum of information and the Ministry of justice before it is published stated that without proper analysis of the disclosure of the document would be “extremely foolish”.

However, trump has blocked the Democrats ‘ document, in which they try to present objections to the claims of Republicans about excessive surveillance. The President has the authority to maintain such information in secret, but he used them only in relation to the Memorandum of the Democrats.