Democrats withdrew a proposal to build wall on border with Mexico

Democrats withdrew a proposal to build wall on border with Mexico


Демократы отозвали предложение по строительству стены на границе с Мексикой

The minority leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer explained this by the fact that the President trump allegedly did not fulfill the agreement reached last week

After the Senate resumed talks on the fate of young illegal immigrants, the so-called “dreamers”, the Democrats said about the withdrawal of the offer to Finance the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, advocated by the President of the United States Donald trump.

The leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer has declared, that withdraws the proposal because trump allegedly failed to comply with the main provisions of the agreement, which they discussed on Friday.

The statement of Sumer sounded a day after government offices resumed operations in full after a partial closure due to disputes in Congress on immigration issues.

“So we need to start on a new basis, and the proposal for the wall is not negotiable,” said Schumer told reporters. His assistant said that the offer was withdrawn on Sunday.

Hispanic Caucus of the Congress on Tuesday expressed fears that the Republicans in the House of representatives will push tough immigration bill drawn up by the Chairman of the Committee on the judiciary Bob Goodlatte.

The bill would allow “dreamers” to extend their legal status for three years, instead give them the opportunity to obtain citizenship.

It also provides for the employment of 10 thousand additional agents to guard the border, the closure of some of the visa programs and taking other steps to search for people who are in the country illegally.