Deputies returned their votes

Deputies returned their votes


And then used them for the adoption of the draft budget in first reading

Photo: TASS/Stanislav Krasilnikov

MPs can no longer vote by proxy instead of colleagues on fraction, the corresponding resolution with the amendments to the regulations adopted at the plenary meeting on 21 October the State Duma. And if the vote on this issue was held in General smoothly, the draft budget has caused much controversy.

Voices without trust

Regular absence in the plenary hall, a large number of deputies forced the Committee on rules to reconsider the possibility of voting by proxy.

We will remind, in the beginning of the autumn session, Deputy speaker of the state Duma Sergey Neverov, the leader of the faction “United Russia” Vladimir Vasilyev and his first Deputy Andrei Isayev proposed to amend the regulations, according to which the deputies shall personally be present in the plenary hall during the voting. There are just four good reasons why the MP may transfer the right to vote by proxy to a colleague in the faction: temporary incapacity, the direction of the outside of the Russian Federation in the official parliamentary delegation, official visit of Deputy on the recommendation of the head of fraction and the exercise of the powers of the members of the Council of the Duma outside the lower chamber (the state Council meeting, security Council).

Despite the fact that the new rule of the regulations been discussed many times on intra-faction groups and the meeting of the relevant Committee during the discussion of the draft resolution in plenary, several members still took the opportunity to ask questions.

— What kind of help should be? Now, many commercial clinics that any help you can bring. And what is a disability? This, apparently, infectious disease, e.g. flu. But if people just walked passed the tests? — could not understand the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky and immediately offered to take the missing help only from public health facilities, which is attached to the MP’s place of residence.

Deputy Chairman of Committee on Affairs of nationalities Elena Yampolskaya (“United Russia”) has asked colleagues to give deputies the opportunity to participate in at least “fatal” retreats. For example, in the meeting of the Council for culture in St. Petersburg December 2, on which there will arrive the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The Chairman of the Committee on family, women and children, Tamara Pletnev (CPRF), it has opposed the innovations. If it is accepted, the speaker of the state Duma (Vyacheslav Volodin. — “News”) just fill up unnecessary papers, said Pletnev, Recalling that the statement about the absence for a valid reason, the member must write to the Chairman of the state Duma.

Why? We are a faction organised, we all think in the same way, we have no man of himself expresses his point of view, — asked the Communist. Now teachers, doctors already working do not have time, people to teach and heal, just in the computer all the time is recorded. Why to put yourself in such a rigid framework?

However, Sergei Neverov protests quickly stopped.

Ten hours a week we work here. If you are tired, need to resign. If any of the events, take a vacation at his own expense, — said Vice-speaker.

MPs have already announced that the next step will be the introduction of penalties.

In addition to the ban on the transfer of voting cards, the deputies changed the procedure back to the scheme, which operated several convocations ago. Under the amendment, now members will vote immediately after the consideration of the bill, not in the so-called hour of voting.

The leader “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov proposed to adopt a new norm. Then Vyacheslav Volodin has declared unscheduled hours for voting. The adoption of the draft resolution spoke 442 MP and one abstained.

Colleagues the power of attorney is cancelled, with what you and congratulations! — summed up the speaker.

The budget optimism

Discussion of the draft main financial document of the country was delayed. Representing the bill the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, meanwhile, reported that inflation by the end of 2016 can be well below the official forecast of 5.8%. GDP could decline by 0.6%. And the price of oil, which has a significant impact on budget revenues, is estimated from calculation of $ 41 per barrel, he said.

— We propose to reduce the income on the 369, 9 billion, the cost increase to 304 billion rubles. The budget deficit will amount to 3.7% of GDP, — said the Minister.

Amendments to the budget that relate to the part of the expenditure, Siluanov noted, solve several important problems. In particular, the provision of social obligations and the debts of enterprises in the state defense order.

— Most importantly, I want to say that the funds of the Reserve Fund that we had planned to use in the current year, will be involved in the amount provided in the budget is 2.1 trillion rubles, — said Siluanov. — In addition, we increased borrowing in the current year by 200 billion roubles and thus we find the sources to Finance the increased budget deficit.

At year end, the Reserve Fund should amount to 1.1 trillion rubles, national welfare Fund — 4.7 trillion roubles, of which 1.6 is already invested in assets, said Siluanov.

The head of audit chamber of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova, in turn, explained that the decline in GDP may be more than 0.6% due to the deterioration of the investment and consumer demand.

Discussing the amendments, the deputies from “United Russia” urged colleagues to vote in favour, reminding them about the social obligations to the voters. The head of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov noted that the deficit budget is over 3 trillion roubles, the expenditures were made with the consideration of failed income.

— How were we supposed to do? We had objectively when revenues decline, reduce expenditures. But this approach was rejected, and we kept all of the obligations of the state, the whole social support, that is, we did not reduce expenses, the MP said, reminding that built schools, success in agriculture and stopping the decline in the industry.

Representatives of other factions have nevertheless declared their intention to vote against it.

— I have carefully studied the draft, and I’m confused, — said the Deputy from the Communist party Vera Hansa. — Social orientation? Not find. Below the poverty line lives 20% of the population!

However, she was quick to reassure United Russia Andrey Isaev.

— We have to make a difficult decision that next week we will be accountable to the population, — he reminded MPs (every fourth week of the month the regional Parliament. — “News”), and urged them not to become in a position to hurt the child, and to adopt the amendments.

— Those who want to vote against, you vote against giving the money to pensioners! warned Isaev.

As a result, the adoption of the amendments in the first reading voted 334 deputies.