Deputy US attorney General praised the investigation Muller

Deputy US attorney General praised the investigation Muller


Заместитель генпрокурора США высоко оценил расследование Мюллера

However, Republicans say that the correspondence of two former employees of the team of spectacular evidence of bias investigation

Spectacular Robert Mueller in charge of the investigation of Russian interference in the elections of 2016, on Wednesday received a major vote of confidence from an official of the Ministry of justice, who appointed him and oversees his work.

Deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller in may, after President Donald trump fired the FBI Director James Komi, did not agree with the criticism of Republicans, claiming that the team spectacular was under the influence of the opponents of the trump.

“We will do everything to the actions of the special Prosecutor or of any matters within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of justice, there was no bias,” said Rosenstein members of the house of representatives Committee on the judiciary.

Rosenstein, Mueller was appointed after attorney General Jeff sessions recused himself from the investigation because he was a campaign adviser to candidate trump.

Mueller is a former Federal Prosecutor and the FBI Director that is highly respected. Rosenstein gave it a high rating, stating that he is “the perfect choice” to lead the investigation, which took most of the year, held by trump as President.

“It would be difficult to find someone more qualified for the job,” he said Rosenstein.

The performance of Rosenstein sounded a day after the Ministry of justice has published hundreds of text messages exchanged between two former members of the team Muller.

President trump and the Republicans have used the messages sent to each other, FBI special agent Peter Strzok and lawyer, FBI Lisa Paige, not only in order to doubt the impartiality of the investigation of spectracolor, but for attacks on the Ministry of justice and the FBI.

Strtok was removed from command in July after Mueller learned about the messages. Paige left her two months later.

Among 375 message released Tuesday was the dialogue that took place on March 4, 2016. Paige described trump as “a disgusting person”, what Strzok said, “nevertheless, he can win (the presidential election)”. When Strzok asked Paige whether she believed that trump would be a worse President than his Republican party member Ted Cruz, she replied: “Yes, I think so.”

Paige and Strzok also exchanged derogatory comments about Democrats, including presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and former attorney General Eric holder.

Although in August 2016 Strtok wrote: “I am concerned that trump is encouraging in our behaviour”, he also wrote: “I worry about what will happen if you elect Hillary Clinton.”

Another senior lawyer working for Mueller, Andrew Weissman, is also accused of voicing views against trump. According to some reports, Wiseman and eight other members of the investigative group of Muller, made the donation in favour of candidates-Democrats, but none of them donated to Republicans.

The Chairman of the Committee on the judiciary Bob Goodlet expressed concern about the information that recently appeared, saying that the exchange of messages between Strzegom and page shows “extreme bias” against trump.

“These reports show what we all suspected: high-ranking FBI involved in investigation of Clinton, personally invested in a certain outcome of the elections and, obviously, let your strong political views to overshadow his professional judgment,” said Goodlet.

Commenting on the donations made by team members Muller, Rosenstein said that they have a right to personal political views.

“We understand that we have employees with their political views, said Rosenstein. – We are responsible for the fact that these views did not influence their actions.”

Republican members of the house of representatives Committee on the judiciary urged the Ministry of justice to appoint the second of spectacular to explore allegations relating to the investigation in the case of an e-mail to Clinton. Rosenstein, declined to answer, saying that the investigation of this question deals with the General inspector of the Ministry of justice, and the investigation will be completed in the next two months.

The mandate of the special Prosecutor allows Mueller to investigate allegations of collusion between the election headquarters trump and Russia, along with any other issues that may arise in the course of the investigation.

Rosenstein, declined to say whether he has sanctioned the extension of the mandate, stating that Mueller gets his “permission where there is ambiguity”.

“I know that he is investigating”, he said.

Rosenstein, said that the mandate also allows spectacular to understand the possible obstruction of justice related to the investigation.

The investigation led to criminal charges against four employees of trump’s staff, including its former head Paul Manafort and former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Criticism of spectracolor from the trump raises fears that the President will dismiss Mueller. Trump denies that he wants to dismiss spectacular, but Democrats in Congress are pushing for the law that protects Mueller from dismissal.

The Democrats wanted to get away from Rosenstein guarantee that he will not be fired Muller, under pressure from the White house.

“Do you have a good reason to dismiss Muller?” – asked the senior Democrat in the Committee, Congressman Jerry Nadler.

“No,” replied Rosenstein.