Detained in China American basketball players return home

Detained in China American basketball players return home


Задержанные в Китае американские баскетболисты возвращаются домой

Accused of shoplifting players released after trump asked XI Jinping to intervene

Three American students-basketball players arrested in China on charges of shoplifting, heading home after the US President Donald trump asked Chinese counterpart XI Jinping personally intervene in this case.

Trump raised the issue during talks with Jinping in Beijing last week.

“He responded great, and they are working on it right now. Hopefully, everything will be fine, ‘ said trump to journalists on Tuesday before you leave the Philippines and complete his tour of five Asian countries. – What they (the players) did, shame. You know, it is a very lengthy prison terms. They (the Chinese) don’t play games”.

The basketball team of the University of California at Los Angeles, Li’angelo ball, Cody Riley and Jalen hill, was questioned on suspicion of the theft of sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton boutique in Guangzhou. Last week they were released on bail with the condition that they leave Guangzhou before the end of the trial.

The team returned to the United States without Boll, Riley and hill.

As stated by a source in the government of the United States, the words quoted by the Washington Post, the President’s chief of staff John Kelly liaised with the families of the athletes. The source hinted that the allegations had been mitigated and the case moves to resolution.