Developed a battery that can bend, stretch and even cut

Developed a battery that can bend, stretch and even cut


Over the past few years, a flexible device, beyond concepts and become increasingly flashed in the news and at various exhibitions. But these devices require special batteries. And one of them presented by scientists from the Singapore University of Technology Nanyang. The battery can bend, stretch and even cut.

About the new development says the publication Science Daily, and for the development of a responsible group of experts led by Professor Chen Saouna. Scientists have managed to create a supercapacitor, which acts as a battery for fast charging and can be recharged many times. But the main innovation of the device is not in it, and that its structure and shape can be changed during use without harming the battery itself.

Moreover, the new supercapacitor works 4 times longer than any existing flexible batteries, and when stretched to several times it saves up to 98% of the original intensity even after 10 000 stretching and contraction. The new device, according to preliminary data, should not cost too much, as even now, until production is set for 1 square inch of material has to pay only 0.1 dollar (10 cents). As stated by the head of development Mr. Chen Xiaodong,

“I dream one day to combine our flexible supercapacitors with sensors for diagnostic performance. Using them in wearable electronics, we will be able to create a device that will be used to monitor a marathoner, tracking a variety of data is much more precise than existing devices.”