Developed “syringe” from Star Trek for injection without needles

Developed “syringe” from Star Trek for injection without needles


Gadget that allows you to enter the patient’s body of drugs without using needles, first appeared in the Arsenal of doctors sci-Fi Saga Star Trek, and quite soon, it seems, everywhere will be able to coexist with a thermometer and aspirin in the usual kits. Startup Portal Instruments has developed a device that enables painless injection without the use of needles. Now the startup has signed a contract with the Japanese company Takeda, which will help to release the device in the sale — according to New Atlas.

Many therapies require frequent administration of drugs to the body via injection. Many patients don’t like injections because of pain, fear of needles and what their of Vienna after dozens of shots, so often miss the next shot at the expense of treatment and their health.

Portal Instruments has developed a new technology injected into the body, which requires no needles — delivery of drugs is carried out by creating the finest wisps of medication under high pressure. The flow width is very small, so the injection is virtually transparent to the patient — this happens very quickly and causes no pain. Sold the device will be called PRIME, and the first drug that will be used in conjunction with a gadget created for the treatment of ulcerative colitis.

Dimensions PRIME is hardly more than an ordinary electric shaver. Dose with the injection is placed in a special tank with a microscopic hole through which a powerful electromagnetic mechanism pushes the medicine with great speed that reaches 720 kilometers per hour. Due to this subtle stream of medicament under high pressure penetrates the skin.

PRIME will have its own smartphone app, where you can control the dose, frequency of injections, dosage and other aspects. The gadget will be sold by prescription to avoid its use for the injection of drugs.